In February 2021, new energy vehicles are still the hottest hot spot.
release time: 2021-08-04

While Internet technology giants are becoming a trend to seize the new energy vehicle track, Apple’s cooperation with Hyundai Motor has been repeatedly refuted; the total market value of the four major new car manufacturers is approaching one trillion U.S. dollars, and Tesla, the leader with a monopoly of 800 billion, has been interviewed. ; And the second-tier players of the new car-building forces that followed, one after another, came out news of resurrection and listing.

In 2020, the new car-making forces will be polarized, the top players will be firmly established, and small and medium-sized players will withdraw from the table; traditional car companies will no longer wait and see, or enter the game in person, or join forces with Internet giants.

After entering 2021, the new energy vehicle market once again ushered in unexpected changes.